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The Story of Counter-Clockwise...


The story of Counter-Clockwise began in 1992 when Louis and Gary first met each other. They met each other in the classroom and were only 10 years old but over time they became best friends and and liked the same music:grunge. Then in 1996, Louis and Gary decided to start a band together. At the time the band was simply an idea waiting to emerge into something real. Both Louis and Gary had been greatly influenced by the early 90's grunge band Nirvana and other great bands including Social Distortion, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, NoFx, Smashing Pumpkins and others... Then in 1997 Louis and Gary met Mike G. With the three of them being huge Nirvana fans they decided to make things happen and Anorexa emerged. Louis and Mike began guitar lessons and gary taught himself to play the drums. Then, late in 1998 after about a year of jamming to Nirvana tunes, Louis got into a disagreement with Mike G. and he was kicked out of the band. Gary, having been Louis's friend since 4th grade (1992) was caught in the middle of the argument and tried to bring Louis back to the band several times before succeeding in 1999. The band then still called themselves Anorexa and they began writing their own songs. But, about a year after Louis's return Mike G. was into "sex/drugs/..."and unfortunately not the rock and roll part of that phrase. He quit the band and Louis and Gary were left alone. Louis and Gary both tried to get friends and friends of friends to join the band. They needed a singer and a bassist. After about a year of searching for people and occasionally jamming with Mike G. when he felt like it, Gary and Louis changed the line-up of the band which included Gary as the lead singer and Louis as the lead guitarist. Gary found Mike, to play drums for us and to this present day, they are waiting for a bassist. But, the future looks bright for this new band. Their new name is Counter-Clockwise and their ready to change the course of history.