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Nirvana News
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New Nirvana Album

The surviving members of Nirvana are eyeing the 10th anniversary of the release of their landmark album Nevermind to issue the band's still-in-the-works boxed set. That would mean September 2001 for the project, giving Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic ample time to work through all the available material. Novoselic tells that there's plenty to choose from. "There's a lot of stuff. I can't believe how many live shows there are, how many outtakes there are, alternate versions, jams, [and] video[tapes]," he says. "Not everything's gonna' make on there, so we're just kinda' gauging it and see what would best represent Nirvana; because, you know, I feel like a boxed set should be encyclopedic, and it should be for the serious fan and for, you know, the not-so-serious fan. So, it's gonna' be something there for everybody." Novoselic adds, "Sometimes I feel like I'm going into the past, but I know that people really want it and they really miss it, so if I can put time and heart and soul into it, then that's the least I can do."

-Neal Weiss-, Los Angeles

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A Leonard Cohen Afterworld

In a new movie called "A Leonard Cohen Afterworld". The filmmakers have recreated the Kurt Cobain memorial service.The movie is about two best friends who take a road trip from Las Vegas to Seattle. A very large crowd of extras wearing flannel and holding flowers were used.Some Seattle people weren't too happy with this idea Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic are very upset about it. Grohl says "The real problem is the average kid listening to the radio or reading the paper has no idea that we're not involved in this... Krist added..."It's the same old story people trying to exploit what Nirvana stood for--and continues to stand for--just to turn in a buck." The soundtrack is too include covers from recent artists ( e.g. Puff Daddy ).

On a personal note, despite the intentions of the filmmakers and the idea of still making money off of Nirvana, you could still count on me being there the first week of the movie's release. I'll try to look past the fact that the movie was made for money instead of exposing Nirvana's music, ideas, and legacy to a new and not so new audience.