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JT Marsh

Rank: Lieutenant
Assignment: Squad Leader Air Assault
General Purpose ExoFrame Model #: AA-500
Type: "Falcon Aerial Attack ExoFrame"
Birth Planet: Earth
Dossier: A rough and tough sqaud leader with natural instincts. Brilliant combat strategist who never met a rule he didn't break. No leader ever cared more about his men and less about rank. Always willing to get down and dirty to get the job done. Flies his Aerial Attack E-Frame with the same brazen abandon that he fights with the Neosapiens. Within seconds of a battle alert J.T. is firing up his Anti-Gravity Jets,snapping his wings into flight position and rocketing into the sky with weapons systems fully armed. His mission- save mankind from certain destruction. The combined assault of his Turbo Torpedoes, Pulse Laser, and ExoGun can cause destruction on a devastating scale.

Lieutenant J.T. Marsh
voice provided by Robby Benson
Leader of Exosquad
Home Town: Ameron, orbital industrial city, North America
Personal Motto: "In Chaos, Opportunity."
J.T. Marsh is a natural-born rebel and hero. From the moment he learned that the Neosapiens had conquered Earth and the other Mankind "Homeworlds" of Mars and Venus, he knew he had to do something to help his fellow humans. In Exosquad he is not only leading the fight to free mankind, he is also giving hope to all those suffering under the brutal rule Neosapiens rule.