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Kurt Cobain R.I.P. Kurt Donald Cobain 1967-1994
Kurt at SNL 1993
Kurt sad

Kurt Cobain was born in Hoquiam, Washington February 20th, 1967 and later moved to Aberdeen, Washington were he spent most of his youth. He was born to Donald Cobain and Wendy Cobain. Kurt's life was a happy one as a small child, he loved people and was always content. Then when Kurt was seven, his parents divorced and totally ruined Kurt's life.
Kurt Cobain
From then on Kurt would be tossed around from relative to relative all through his childhood and teenagehood. To make things worse, he was smaller and weaker than his classmates and he always got picked on and beat up. He also smoked weed all through high school probably to get away from things.When it comes to music he like the Beatles when he was a young child. Later he like heavy metal because it was the "thing" then. After though, he discovered punk rock. Punk rock bands like the Sex Pistols and the Pixieswere Nirvana's biggest influence.He listened to punk rock and lived his life hanging around with the potheads just to get weed until he was 18 and dropped out of high school a month before graduation. His mother go furious and kicked him out of the house and Kurt wound up homeless for a week. He would sleep on friends' porches at night so he wouldn't wake them up or sometimes sleep in Krist Novoselic's van.

Kurt with eyeshadow

Anyways, from there it got better. He formed different bands with Krist until the familiar Nirvana line-up of Kurt, Krist, and Chad was formed. He enjoyed touring with them. Playing in clubs as an indie band was what Kurt liked the best. Later, though around the time before Nirvana became
Kurt as a 15 year old kid
huge stars,Kurt suffered from stomach pains that may have been genetically passed down to him from his mother, and on top of everything depression and heroin were getting to him. Also, he met Courtney Love around this time and married her in Waikiki, Hawaii in 1992. They also had a daughter, Frances Bean Cobain. Things only got worse from there.A suicide attempt in Rome in early 1994 was what got the attention of the media. But nobody could've done anything to prevent what happenned on April 5th,1994 and what was discovered at the Cobain residence on April 8th, 1994. Tragically on April 8th, 1994 Kurt's body was found of a shotgun wound to the head. Many blame his widow Courtney for his death, directly or indirectly. After all Kurt and Courtney were the ultimate Rock and Roll couple. They fought, they made records, they took drugs...who knows what the reason would be for Courtney to want Kurt dead. Or, maybe Kurt really just couldn't take it anymore. Who knows? R.I.P. Kurt Cobain.

-Louis Polcari-